Who Is Shaun Sunday ANyway?

Shaun Sunday is a comics writer, illustrator and game designer from Brisbane, Australia. He is best known for his work in Project: Starless Daydream(artist) by Frankee White, The Mothman Moves(writer), The Man Who Found The Future (artist) by Ryan K Lindsay as well as the upcoming Snuffles the Indomitable: Way of Fist and Paw (part of this year's Project Big Hype Vol. 3), The Little Book of Beasts (a collection of short comics about Cryptids) and as the creator and host of the comics talkshow No Capes!; the show where he sits down with fellow comic creators to gush about a comic they love every episode (select guests include co-creator of The Boys, Happy and Transmetropolitan Darick Robertson, Jim Zub, Erica Schultz and more!).

When not working in comics, Shaun is creating board games like the upcoming Squirrel Wars, as well as TTRPG content such as his 5E Player Screen (a player aid to help new and Neurodiverse players navigate Dungeon and Dragons), the comedy thriller one-shot The Hunger of Firspeak for D&D 5E, and an everchanging tower climb adventure The Shifting Spire.
For more information on Shaun and his work, fans can visit his Twitch or subscribe to support his WIP comics and games on Patreon.